Pythagoras 3D Interactive Geometry

by Vafiadis Georgios, Aggelopoulos Christos, Moulos Vrettos

Pythagoras in SourceForge

This is the official web site of the "Pythagoras" Project. The site and the program is under heavy construction! The GUI is almost finished, you can see a screenshot. By now is working on Windows XP, Windows 2000, and SuSE Linux. The code will be released soon.

'Pythagoras' is a dynamic Geometry Software, providing construction, evaluation, manipulation and visualization of geometric objects in 2D and 3D eucledian space.

It is an interactive geometry program which allows you to construct dynamic figures. It's possible to draw basic geometric objects such as points, lines, segments, loci and intersections beetween objects and many more. It also allows you to use geometric transformations such as rotation and translation.

The project will provide the below functionality: Logo